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  • What are the reasons for the imbalance of the centrifugal fan impeller?

    Centrifugal fan Negative pressure fan is a device that uses air convection and negative pressure ventilation to achieve forced cooling. It is mainly used in large places such as factories. However, in the process of using a negative pressure fan, various situations can occur, so let's talk about the reasons for the imbalance of the negative pressure fan impeller. Generally, the impeller of the negative pressure fan of the centrifugal fan can be divided into two reasons for unbalanced use: the we...


  • What are the categories of centrifugal fans?

    1. Ventilation fan can be divided into low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure centrifugal fans according to the working pressure. 2. According to the air intake mode, it can be divided into double intake fan and single intake fan. 3. According to the shape of the blade, it is divided into a forward-inclined centrifugal fan and a backward-inclined centrifugal fan. Second, the difference between the induced draft fan 1. The total pressure of the low-pressure fan is P≤1000Pa, the total pre...


  • Centrifugal fan and axial flow fan which has stronger suction

    1. When the axial flow fan and the centrifugal fan have the same power, the centrifugal fan has a large pulling force. 2. The difference between axial flow fan and centrifugal fan: axial flow fan: large flow, small head, centrifugal fan, large head, small flow. 3. The airflow direction of the axial fan is perpendicular to the rotation direction of the blades, and the airflow direction of the centrifugal fan is tangent to the rotation direction of the blades.


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