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  • What are the reasons for the poor performance of the centrifugal fan system?

    Three common reasons for poor performance of centrifugal fan systems are: One is the improper connection of the outlet; the other is the uneven airflow at the inlet; the second is the eddy current generated at the inlet of the fan. These conditions change the aerodynamic properties of high pressure centrifugal fans so that they cannot play their aerodynamic role. These conditions will occur if the connection at the inlet and outlet of the extractor fan is improperly designed or installed. A poor...


  • How to reduce the power consumption of centrifugal fan?

    People who often use centrifugal fan will find that the fan is actually relatively energy-intensive. For example, the power resources it consumes account for a large proportion of stone processing. In today's era of energy shortage, energy saving has always been the structure we pursue. Most manufacturers are also pursuing high production capacity and high efficiency work surface. Therefore, as a centrifugal fan manufacturer, reducing the power consumption of the fan has become the goal. If we w...


  • What are the forms of a centrifugal fan impeller?

    The front plate of the centrifugal fans is generally a straight front plate, a tapered front plate and the arc front plate. From the perspective of the gas flow trajectory, the impeller of the front plate of the tablet does not meet the gas flow trajectory. The leaves at the outer diameter of the impeller are much larger than the leaves in the inner diameter of the leaf wheel. Therefore, not only the speed of air flow in the circulation of the leaves, but also the airflow in the leaf flow in the...


  • How to improve the lubrication of centrifugal fans?

    Before we improve the lubrication effect of centrifugal fans, let's first understand the basic explanation of lubrication system. First of all, when we check the lubrication system, it is nothing more than improving the efficiency of the centrifugal fan, and everyone knows that the power of the lubrication system comes from the oil tank. Users often overlook the amount of oil stored inside. Eventually, when the oil reservoir is depleted, the parts wear out excessively. Therefore, we must pay att...


  • What are the basic requirements and impeller parameters of centrifugal fans?

    First: The centrifugal fan equipment involved should meet the requirement that the operating point of the required flow and pressure is near the centrifugal fan rate point; Second, when operating under normal conditions, the rate is high and the efficiency curve is flat; Third, the stable working range of the pressure curve should be wide; Fourth, the structure of the equipment itself is relatively simple and has good process performance; Fifth, the equipment has sufficient strength and rigidity...


  • What is the basic principle of centrifugal fan?

    Centrifugal fans can be used for ventilation in general factories, warehouses, offices, residences, etc., and can also be used for air coolers (air coolers), evaporators, condensers, spray drops, etc. The anti-corrosion and explosion-proof axial flow fan adopts anti-corrosion materials and explosion-proof measures, and is matched with explosion-proof motors. It can be used to transport explosive, volatile and corrosive gases. It is required that the gas conveyed by the axial flow fan should be f...


  • What are the reasons for the vibration of the centrifugal fan?

    Centrifugal fans are used as auxiliary fan equipment for many production equipment. It is widely used in various production machines, but why does the centrifugal fan sometimes vibrate greatly? There are many reasons why centrifugal fans vibrate. Today, the editor will briefly understand with you in the following 5 aspects: 1. Reasons for the manufacture of centrifugal fans The fan manufacturer's quality requirements for the fan also affect the operation of the fan. If the parts are poorly proce...


  • How to repair the leakage of centrifugal fan and axial fan casing?

    Centrifugal fans are widely used, such as Suitable For Conveying Clean Air Or Light Materials At Normal Temperature, Most Commonly Used In Industrial Furnaces For Air Supply, Light Particle/Powder/Crush/Fiber Transportation, Air Drying/Cooling Of Materials, Ventilation And Smoke Exhaust, And Other Areas. Function: ● It Consists Of 10 Backward-Inclined Steel Blades, A Curved Front Disc And A Flat Rear Disc. Made Of Steel Plate And Corrected By Dynamic And Static Balance, It Has Good Air Performan...


  • What is the overall structure of the centrifugal fan and what are the precautions?

    1. The centrifugal fan is composed of a casing, a main shaft, an impeller, a rolling bearing drive system mechanism and a motor. Centrifugal fan 2. Chassis: It is made of thick steel plate with reliable propulsion, which can be divided into crew type and semi-closed type, and the semi-closed type is easy to maintain. 3. Impeller: It is composed of blades, front plate of curve pattern and front plate of tablet computer. 4. Motor rotor: static balance and rotor dynamic balance should be done to en...


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